Getting a small business loan is not as easy as it sounds. There are certain qualifications a business must meet in order to get a loan. The lender wants to know that the business will be able to pay them back. There are certain qualification need to get a small business loan.

Small-Business-Loan-SBA-Page-Photo-2xIn order to get this type of loan a business must have turned down for private financing. This means the owner of the business was not able to get a personal loan on their own. If a person has been rejected for a private loan only then can they apply for a small business loan.

In order to be considered a small business the business has to meet size requirements set forth by the government. This means they cannot exceed a certain number of employees and will not conduct more than a specific amount of business within one year. This requirement will vary from industry to industry.

These are just some of the basic requirements that are needed in order to get a small business loan. There may be different requirements from state to state or from lender to lender. This information is important to know when applying for a small business loan.